What is Twitter Space and How Can You Use It?

Tech.appnew.in – The popularity of the Clubhouse application some time ago tempts many technology companies (especially those in the social networking field) to develop similar services.

Twitter is also one of them. They have even been seen introducing support similar to Clubhouse chat rooms in the form of a feature called Space into their service.

By using this special feature, Android and iOS users can take a new way of enjoying Twitter services that were previously limited to text, images, and videos.

What is Twitter Space?

Simply put, Twitter Space is a special feature that will allow users to have conferences, discussions, or just chat through live audio conversations.

Users do not need to install additional applications in order to use this feature. Since it’s directly supported by the service via updates, we just need to install the new version of the Twitter app to enjoy it.

For now, this feature is unfortunately only available on a very limited basis. Only a small group of iOS or Android users can create one, although everyone can join, listen, and talk in Space.

How to Create and Use a Twitter Space

  1. Click the Plus button (+ icon)
  2. Select Space (the icon of several circles forming a diamond)
  3. Tap the Get Started button if it’s the first time using it
  4. Enter a title in the Name your space column if needed
  5. Click Start your space
  6. Invite speakers by pressing the Guest Management button (two people icon) then click Add speakers
  7. Don’t forget to turn on the microphone for Speaker
  8. Host can further set Space by tapping More Options (three dots icon)
  9. If you want to talk, click the Mic is off button (microphone icon is crossed
  10. To end the Space, tap the End button

The available space will appear at the top of the timeline page, blending with the Twitter Fleets content . Users wishing to join can tap on it, then press the Join this space button .

After joining, people can also request access as a Speaker by tapping the Request button (microphone icon). If they want to listen in written form, they can also press the View Captions button provided the Host activates this option.

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