Top 5 Moon Phase apps for Android

Knowing the phase of the moon is, for many, indicators of certain events. For example, depending on the moon phase that strikes at a certain time, the tides may be affected. For some animals, like birds, they affect migration times, while they also affect plant sap. There are also beliefs that the lunar phases affect human behavior. At the same time, there are those who believe that in spiritual and energy matters they can be factors of great influence.

Well for some reason, if you want to know all about the current moon phases, here we leave you a list with the 5 best moon phase apps for Android. All are free and available on the Google Play Store. In turn, they are one of the most popular and downloaded, also being the one with the highest rating and reputation in the store.

Below is a series of the best moon phase apps for Android smartphones. It should be noted, as we always do, that  all of the ones you find in this compilation article are free.  Therefore, you won’t have to shell out money to get one or all of them.

However, one or more may have an internal micro-payment system, which would allow, among other things, access to premium features and access to more features. Likewise, there is no need to make payment, it is worth repeating. Now yes, let’s go.

My Moon Phase: lunar calendar and moon phases

To get this compilation off to a good start, we have My Moon Phase, a calendar app that lets you know everything about current moon phases and those that will take place later. With a fairly simple, convenient and easy to understand interface, it shows the lunar cycle of any date in the calendar, thus helping to plan events and tasks based on upcoming moon phases. Just scroll the date bar or tap the calendar button to know the phases of the moon.

As the phase of the moon can change slightly or very noticeably depending on the geographic location, the app allows you to adjust the location, either manually or automatically. It also has a function that lets you know how cloudy the sky will be; This helps to know whether or not the moon can be seen at a certain time. Moreover, it lets you know when there will be a full moon, a new moon, a first quarter and a last quarter.

On the other hand, My Moon Phase has a section that shows the golden hour and blue hour times , so you know when is the best time to take pictures. The other thing is that it reports relevant data, such as the altitude of a certain point on a certain date, the distance between the moon and the earth, and the age of the moon. There are also notifications available that you can receive when the moon is in the phase of your choice.

Phases of the moon

Another great calendar app to know the phases of the moon, without a doubt. With Moon Phases, how could it be otherwise, it is possible to know the current moon phase and those that follow. With an interface in which there is a moon represented in 3D that can be dragged and rotated with the finger, it is possible to have greater precision on the appearance of the moon at this time, thanks to simulation of the lunar surface created by NASA , which is called “Lunar Reconnaissance Mission”. The lunar image displayed is updated in real time, it deserves to be highlighted.

If you want to see the state of the phases of the moon faster and without accessing the app, you can use the widget that it brings. There are also moon phase alerts and notifications, with reminders about moon events that you can customize and configure however you like. Moreover, with the calendar, you can not only see the current or future moon phase, but also those of the past, among others.

Daff luna

Moving on to the third moon phase app we find Daff Luna, another app that, in addition to showing the current lunar phases and future dates through its convenient calendar , It is also able to display other data such as moon age, moonrise and moonset, transit, zodiac, altitude and lunar azimuth, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and others. planets of the solar system.

It also has the function of showing the length of the day, the equinox, the solstice and the positions of the moon at all times. In turn, it comes with 6 different widgets to locate itself anywhere on the main screen of the Android mobile; These show relevant data about the application and the phases of the moon. For the rest, Daff Luna comes with reminders and notifications about moon phases, sunrise, full moon, and other events of interest. Moreover, with over a million downloads from the Google Play Store, this app enjoys an enviable reputation of 1 star and is light in weight of only 4.9MB.

Moon phases: Calendar of lunar eclipses

To end this compilation article on the best moon phase apps for Android, we have a pretty simple and handy moon calendar that gets right to the point, without further ado, showing what the moon phases are for each month.

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