The best professional apps on Android

When starting a business, it’s always great to have as many tools as possible to help us run the business. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to help our business. Just have an Android device . We have many apps that will make our life easier.

Applications that will help in the performance of certain tasks . In a simple way and without the need for a big budget. Ready to know the best apps for business found in Android?

A selection of applications which seek to help us in various fields of activity . But, all of them are extremely helpful. Which applications are present in the list?

Simple mind

An app for those who they have a business idea but have not yet started with. If you still have doubts or don’t know how to organize your ideas , Simple Mind is the solution. This app for Android allows you to create mind maps . Thus, in a simple and very visual way, you can organize them in a comfortable way to be able to develop them.

It can also be extremely useful if you have a business. Especially when it comes to developing projects or ideas for the future . the download of Simple Mind’s free .


An application that may seem familiar to many. It is an application that allows us to design and carry out mailing campaigns . Thus, we can promote our business to people who use this platform. Can run campaigns or run personalized promotions . It is an option that gives us many options. If we use it well, Mailchimp is one of the best apps out there.

The download of this application for Android is free . So, if you are looking for a tool to promote your business, this is your way to go.


An application that allows us to create notes on everything we do during the day or what we need to do . We can also have conversations with contacts. So it can be a good way to create a communication channel with other workers . So we don’t mix business with apps like WhatsApp which are for private use.

Ideal because we can record conversations and have our own notepad . Like the previous apps, downloading Slack is free.


One of the best options we can find today for organizing tasks . Trello gives us the ability to create tasks . So that we can create tasks for ourselves or for other people. For which allows us to manage projects or tasks over time . So we know what each one has to do.

Ideal for coordinating teams and managing short and medium term plans . One of the best management apps for Android. In addition, its interface is very simple and intuitive. The downloading Trello on Google Play for free . You can download it below.


Holded is one of the best apps for business management. In addition, it offers us cloud solutions . So we have several options available. How can you control invoicing, CRM or even commercial inventory . So there is a wide range of possibilities available in this application. Another of the great advantages is that it allows us to integrate applications such as PayPal, Shopify or Amazon .

We will be able to manage our activity and our balance sheet in a simple way from our Android device. A tool like this is paid for, so you need to check it out and you can try it for free for a while. You can do this on your website .

These are some of the best tools available today to help us run our business . As you can see, the vast majority are free. So you don’t have to pay anything to get a little help with our business. You just need to find the right tools to help your business.

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