The best fitness apps for Android

To be in good shape, a healthy diet is essential. But it is also very important to exercise regularly. Since physical activity helps us to have a better condition. Luckily, our Android phone can be a big help in getting in shape . Since we have at our disposal a wide choice of applications.

For example, we have fitness apps available for Android . Thanks to them, we will be able to create training routines that will help us to significantly improve our physical shape. So that we can be healthy and have a better body .

Applications with which you can train at home . So it is without a doubt a very easy way to get in shape. So, you decide when to train. Something much more comfortable, since this way you organize yourself better. You will just need one of these apps on your Android phone .

Sworkit Lite

We start with a very comprehensive fitness app . The best thing about this app is that there is no need to use any type of device. It is therefore an ideal option for doing these exercises at home. Divide the exercises into different categories , so we can alternate a different routine on different days. In addition to adjusting more to the part of the body that you want to tone. There are over 100 exercises in the app , all with an how-to video. In addition, we can customize the routines. It should also be noted that there are diets available in the app.

Nike Training Club: workouts and programs

A good fitness app which has good user ratings. This application offers us a multitude of exercises that we can perform to improve our physical condition. The exercises are divided into several categories . We can therefore choose them according to our objectives. In addition, we can perform these exercises at home and at the gym . We can therefore at any time choose what suits us best. All the exercises are explained very well, so that it is easy to follow them.

Downloading this app for Android is free . In addition, inside we do not find any purchase or advertisement of any kind.

30-day sports challenge

Perhaps the most complete application in this category and one of the best known to users. An application to meet your challenge to get in shape in just 30 days . We find training that we can do from home in a simple way. Thanks to them, we will be able to considerably improve our physical condition. All the exercises in the app are well explained and there are many videos . So we can do everything at home without any problem. An ideal app if you are looking for a challenge to get in shape.

T. Fitness, routines and gym

This app is a slightly more advanced option , designed for people who already follow this type of exercise. Although this is a good option if you are new to fitness. Again, we find a large number of exercises that we can perform . We can do them at home and at the gym, depending on the preferences of each user. There are over 100 exercises available in the app. They are all explained with text, images and video . So you will have no problem to be able to follow them.

Downloading this fitness app for Android is free . Although we find shopping and advertisements inside. With them we can access additional exercises and additional functions.

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