The best Android apps for creating reminders

Our Android phone gives us a lot of features , and the list is growing over time. One of the many functions for which we can use the device is as a task manager . We can use the phone so that we don’t forget anything. So we keep track of what we have to do and our schedule. To perform these types of functions, we need a suitable application.

Luckily, we have many such apps available for Android . With that in mind, we leave you a compilation with the best booster apps below . Thus, we always keep our appointments and our commitments in mind.

The best thing about all these apps that we are going to show you next is that they are very easy to program . Its use therefore keeps no mystery. Thus, they will be very useful in reminding you of the most important things.


One of the most comprehensive options in these types of applications. It is distinguished above all by its conception Material design . In addition, we offer many customization options. We can create reminders for a specific event or some that repeat periodically. So, in this way, we have precise control over our agenda and our daily life.

The download of the Android application is free . Although we find advertisements inside.

Things to do

It is one of the more comprehensive options that we can find today. It stands out with its simple design, but it gives us many options. Because we have all kinds of notifications (even spoken), in addition to Widgets . It is also worth mentioning that it offers sync with google . In addition, it allows us to edit reminders in groups. It fulfills its function perfectly that we do not forget the tasks.

The download of this application for Android is free . Although inside we find shopping.


This app supports creating a to-do list where we can enter anything we have to do . In addition, it allows us to enter reminders that will come out periodically. The best thing is that it has calendar integration , something that makes it easier to control everything. It is therefore very visual and easy to see our agenda and the tasks we have pending .

The download of the Android application is free . Although inside we find purchases to obtain additional functions.

Notes D

It is a manager that allows us to organize and create reminders in a simple way. It stands out for its design, very visual and with colors that allow everything to be organized very easily . It is therefore a very comfortable option. Plus, it has integration with Google Now , bitcoin mixers widgets, and TTS support. But, also with other options such as unlocking notes using the fingerprint reader.

The download of this application for Android is free . In addition, inside there are no purchases or advertisements.

Recall of the Atlas

Another good option to consider is its simple and very neat design . So this is a good option if you are looking for something simple and which allows you to manage tasks comfortably. Everything always appears very crisp and clear. We can create tasks and set warning messages to satisfy them all. It is perhaps the easiest of the whole list.

The download of this application for Android is free . Although we find shopping inside.

It’s up to us to select with the best reminder apps . All are distinguished by their free and easy to use. So all of them are good options to install on your Android device. The main difference is in the additional functions that each of them includes. Also the design , because there may be one whose design is more comfortable or you like more. What do you think of this selection of applications?

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