The 5 best apps for learning physics on Android

Physics is one of the most important sciences for understanding the world, the universe, and everything that happens in space-time. Additionally, it is one of the most viewed subjects throughout high school and, depending on careers, college and graduate studies. That is why it is important to have tools that help to practice and understand it fluently, like the following applications that we are listing now.

Then we collect the 5 best apps to learn physics with your Android mobile. They are also used to refresh knowledge and to understand this science. In turn, they are a good support when solving simple and complex problems. All of them are available on the Google Play Store and, how could it be, are some of the most popular, most downloaded, and top rated on the store.

Below is a series of the best physics learning apps for Android smartphones. It should be noted, as we always do, that  all of the ones you find in this compilation article are free.  Therefore, you won’t have to shell out money to get one or all of them.

However, one or more may have an internal micro-payment system, which would allow, among other things, access to premium features and access to more features. Likewise, there is no need to make payment, it is worth repeating. Now yes, let’s go.

Master of Physics – Basic Physics

Physics Master is a great application for learning physics. In addition to that, it comes with a lot of functions and features that help to solve basic and complex problems, whether it is for high school or college. It is also used to practice and improve prior knowledge of beginner and advanced physics.

If you want to calculate the speed, acceleration and other data of a body or particle, or know some information about space and time or other things, the calculator function of this app is very useful, because it allows you to enter the necessary data for this. It also shows the steps and solutions to complete and solve your exercises.

Basic Physics – Summaries, Formulas and Figures

If you want to learn physics subjects like mechanics, thermophysics, optics, waves, electromagnetism and fluids , this tool is one of the best and most complete that can be found today on the Play Store, because it is delivered with practical and theoretical material well explained and easy to understand. In addition, there is no shortage of worked examples to simplify the subjects.

It also comes with very detailed illustrations and graphics that help better understand physics for anyone who wants to learn more about this science and improve their grades and results in college, institute, university or technology.


Now let’s move on to another of the best apps to learn physics for Android, we are confronted with Formulia, an easy to use tool which, as the name suggests, comes with a lot of physics formulas for doing exercises and solving basic and advanced problems.

With a large database of mathematical and physical formulas, Formulia is projected to be one of the tools that best complements the studies of anyone taking science subjects. And it doesn’t just come with physical and mathematical formulas , but also with chemical formulas and even a dynamic periodic table.

Free physics formulas

Fórmula Física Free is an application similar to Formulia, as it focuses on offering many physical formulas to solve tasks, problems, exercises and activities. This application for learning physics contains basic and advanced formulas, whether for work or study, and the subjects they cover are the most popular, including the following categories: Mechanics, Electricity, Thermal physics, Movements periodicals, Optics, Atomic physics and Constants.

It comes with a handy calculator that allows the entry of different data and problems for their resolution , as well as a favorites folder in which the most used formulas can be saved. Physical Formulas Free is available in multiple languages ​​and allows you to quickly share formulas with your friends.

Chemistry and physics simulations

To end this compilation article of the best apps to learn physics for Android, we have chemistry and physics simulations, an app that has various and varied physical materials that are interactive and serve to refresh and improve previous knowledge on this topic, as well as learning from scratch, as they come with simple and easy-to-understand concepts and illustrations. He also has materials on chemistry.

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