The 5 best apps for creating forms and quizzes on Android

Quizzes and forms are one of the most useful tools for testing anyone’s knowledge and skills. Whether for work, students, or any other field, they are great for finding out what a person knows about one or more topics and how good they can be in a certain field. That is why it is good to have one, and for that you have to design it, but it is not something difficult to do, let alone with the following applications that we are showing you now.

Next, we list the 5 best apps for creating and designing quizzes and forms on Android. All the ones you will find here are free and, at the same time, among the best and most downloaded from the Google Play Store.

However, one or more may have an internal micro-payment system, which would allow, among other things, access to premium features and access to more features. Likewise, there is no need to make payment, it is worth repeating. Now yes, let’s go.

Form Builder – Zoho Forms

To start off on the right foot, we have Zoho Forms , one of the most useful tools for creating Android forms and quizzes from scratch, without too much hassle. It is very easy to use and is available in Spanish which makes it easy to design thanks to its interface and all the tools it offers.

It is perfect for students, teachers, workers and all kinds of people who want to enjoy some form. Create and personalize email notifications and share forms with others quickly and easily. Another of its most interesting features is that Allows you to work without an Internet connection. | Forms and surveys generator

Now on to the second app for creating quizzes, polls and forms on Android, we have, one of the best options of its kind today.

With this tool, thanks to all that it offers, online forms can be created in a very short time and at your convenience. You can also easily create polls in minutes and then share them through different platforms like social networks and other media like WhatsApp and Facebook to get responses on the form or poll.

On the other hand, with you can also create online forms with calculations, surveys with conditional logic, collect responses and monitor them in real time and accept online payments with Stripe and PayPal, with fields designed to enter the destination account. It also has other advanced features that allow you to control who accesses forms , whether you, the public or certain people. It also comes with a calculator which allows you to give a certain score to each question and answer and then see the results obtained from the surveys and forms that are taken.


If you want to create Google and SurveyHeart forms, FormsApp is perfect for that as it not only allows you to design them but also edit them on the fly, a very useful feature for office workers, students and teachers. .

With FormsApp you can create forms of different types thanks to the many templates it has , and are the following: evaluation, exit ticket, order request, contact details, job request, party invitation, leave request, request ordering, participation in an event, event comments, etc.

On the other hand, it allows you to receive notifications of new responses to Google forms and easily share the forms, among others.

Jotform Mobile Forms: create forms

To end this compilation post of the best apps for making quizzes and forms on Android, we have Jotform, another great option that you can currently download from the Play Store , because it is a tool with which, in addition to creating from online forms and surveys, you can do a lot of other things that relate to their editing and tracking.

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