Reels Instagram – A New Feature – In 2020, Instagram officially launched a TikTok counter feature called Reels in more than 50 countries.

Even though it is already present in Indonesia like the Lite version , until now not all users have gotten the Reels feature in the application. In other words, Instagram is rolling out this feature update gradually to its users.

For those of you who have gotten the Reels feature, then you can try making short videos of 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

Reels Instagram – A New Feature Similar to TikTok. How to make?

How to Make Instagram Video Reels

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Press the Profile menu at the bottom right of the person icon
  3. Select the Options menu with three lines icon
  4. Next, select the Insight menu
  5. Select the Create Reel button in the Content Your Shared . category
  6. Next, the app will activate the camera
  7. Create content as you like
  8. On the screen will appear the menu Audio, Speed, Effects, and Timer
  9. After you are creative in making videos, you can immediately press the Reels button which has a square and triangle icon
  10. Finally, your video will appear directly on the Reels timeline

The Audio menu functions to enter music that has been provided on Instagram, but the Indonesian region does not yet support the Instagram Audio feature so this feature cannot be used. Furthermore, Speed ​​allows you to set the video speed starting from the slowest 0.3x to the fastest 4x.

Visually, Reels Instagram is really similar to TikTok. You will see a short 15 second video on the Reels timeline. To view other videos, you can swipe up or down the screen.

If  you stay in one video, the video will be played repeatedly. On the right side of the Reels video there is a Love or Like button, Comment for comments or tagging others , and Share. At the bottom left, you will see the account name, caption, and song used

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