How to Schedule Instagram Live on Android

IG Live broadcasting is a feature that is quite popular in its use in the Instagram application. How come? With this feature, you can interact directly with your followers. Later, your followers will respond to IG Live broadcasts through comments that appear when IG Live takes place.


Previously, updating the Instagram application only focused on general settings and effects in Instagram Stories. But this time, the Instagram application provides an update to its IG Live feature. The newest feature of the IG Live menu is scheduling IG Live broadcasts. With this feature, you can get more viewers. Because before the broadcast, you can share the IG Live broadcast schedule to your followers via Stories or posts on the Instagram application.


1. First update the Instagram application on your Android device, to get the feature to schedule IG Live.

2. After the Instagram application has been successfully updated, just open the Instagram application on your Android device and open the Story menu. After the Story menu opens, find and select the Live or Live menu. Now, on the Live menu, the Schedule feature will appear. Select the Schedule feature to start creating your IG Live schedule. After that, type the title of the IG Live broadcast that you will make.

3. Select Start Time to set the day and time of your IG Live broadcast. There are two rules for scheduling IG Live broadcasts, namely broadcast scheduling is carried out no later than one hour from now and broadcast scheduling is carried out no later than the next three months. Now select the day and date provided, then select the broadcast time. When you have selected the Done button.

4. The last step is to select the Schedule Live Video button. Then you only need to inform your IG Live schedule via stories or posts on Instagram. To add another IG Live broadcast schedule, simply select the Add button on the Schedule page.

5. However, if you want to cancel the IG Live schedule that has been made, reopen the Schedule feature on the Live menu. Then, select the three-dot icon on the IG Live schedule that you have created and select the Edit menu. select the Cancel Live Video button to cancel the IG Live schedule that you created earlier.

6. In this Edit menu, besides you can cancel the IG Live broadcast video, you can also change the title of IG Live and change your IG Live broadcast time.


With the feature of scheduling IG Live broadcasts, it is now easier for you to set IG Live broadcast times. Not just one schedule, you can schedule several IG Live broadcasts at once. With the feature of scheduling IG Live broadcasts, you can better prepare materials for IG Live broadcast content.

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