How to make hyperlinks or shorten links on Telegram

Curious about how to create a Hyperlink on the Telegram chat application ? Just go to the following review.


Maybe we are all familiar with the word Telegram. Similar chat applications or even Telegram itself are indeed applications for communication that are very easy to use. Its features are clear and easy to understand.

However, sometimes there are many tricks and tips that we really need but not many people know about. For example, such as creating a hyperlink that is inserted in a Telegram text chat which will later direct to a certain website url .


We will discuss a little what is Hyperlink ? So more or less a hyperlink is a URL link on a particular website that is shortened or inserted into a word or sentence, which will direct someone to the destination website url .

Hyperlinks are also used to make the url display more beautiful and shorter. As we know sometimes the url link is sometimes very long and not pleasing to the eye.


Even though it’s neat, maybe not a few users are a bit worried about tapping or clicking on the hyperlinks that we created. Because they do not know where the link will lead to. Apart from all that, it never hurts us to try.

In Telegram itself, it turns out that it already provides a Hyperlink feature that we can directly enter into the text in the chat that we will send to other users.


1. Open the application telegram and one chat chat with friends, and then typing your text will then tap and hold on the text. If you have tapped the 3 dots in the upper right corner, an advanced menu will appear and select the Create Link menu .

2. Enter the link in the Create Link field , then tap OK . Don’t forget to tap the cross in the url description that appears, then tap send.

3. The result will be the text used will be as above. Become blue, and will lead to a website that has been set if the friend chat chat Men- tap the text.


So the method above is quite easy to understand. Moreover, web urls that may be long will be neater than having to look at urls that are too long.

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