How to Create a Tweet Quote without having to login to Twitter

Want to create a contemporary Twitter quote without having to log into the Twitter application? Well, here’s how!


These days we often encounter social media, whether it’s Instagram, or other social media that shows Quotes or snippets of tweets from a Twitter account.

Right now, edited quotes from Twitter are really popular. Many users use their creativity to create tweet quotes using their tweets on their Twitter account. Most of them use satire Quotes to motivation.

Well, for those of you who don’t want to miss something that’s trending, you can also create a Twitter Quote without even having to have one or login to a Twitter account, how do you do that?


Tweetgen or Tweet generator is a website that is able to create fake tweets or post fake tweets very quickly and easily. In addition, the tweetgen website will also display fake tweet results like screenshots and you can download them to be stored in the smartphone gallery .


After you finish making fake tweets without having to login , for the editing stage you still have to need one additional application, namely PicsArt. This application is indeed quite reliable in terms of editing when compared to other editing applications . Moreover, just to make a twitter quote it will feel very easy.


1. Your Abuja browser can be anything. Then type tweetgen in the search field . Select the Tweet Generator menu on the website . You just have to customize the existing menus starting from the name, background color and other menus on Twitter.

2. If everything is done, tap the Preview Image menu to display the tweets that you have created. Tap and hold on the tweet image then download the image to your smartphone gallery .

3. Enter the Picsart application, if you don’t have it, please download it here . Select the photo that you will use as the background , then tap the Add photo menu and add the tweet photo that you made from the previous tweetgen site.

4. Select the Blend menu and then select the Multiply menu again to make the background transparent.

5.  Tap the tick icon at the top then tap the gallery menu to save the Quote twee t to your smartphone gallery .


For those of you who like to make story quotes on your social media account timeline, maybe the above method can help a little. Not to mention the process is fairly fast without the hassle of having to login to twitter and we can adjust the names and other menus to our heart’s content. Good luck!

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