How to Add Gestures To Open Certain Applications

Want to access apps quickly? Without having to open through the application menu? Well, you can try adding a screen gesture to open the application immediately as fast as lightning. As the name implies, a smartphone is a smart phone that can be used for multitasking . Many things can be done directly through the smartphone that we are using. For example, playing games while sending messages or listening to music while browsing .

In addition to the ease of multitasking, smartphones are also supported by quite a lot of helper applications. Everything we can download easily through the application store or Google Play specifically for Android.

Well, these helper applications have many kinds and their own functions. Some are used to create documents, edit videos , create stories , read PDFs and many others. So many applications sometimes we have a little difficulty moving from one application to another.


Yes, even though smart phones are currently equipped with the recent app feature where we can access applications that we have previously opened quickly through these features. However, if it has never been accessed before, you are required to look for it and open it again on the home screen or application menu.

Now there is an easier trick to access other applications without having to open the application menu first. The trick is to use a finger gesture or swipe.

Previously, many of us were familiar with gestures that might only be used to wake up the smartphone lockscreen . But now we can also set the gesture to be a shortcut to open another application when we are opening another application as well.

Interestingly, you can add a screen gesture with the swipe of a finger as you wish. Like making letters or something else.


1. First, you must first download an application called Gesture .

2. Second, open the Gesture application and immediately select the Appear on Top menu , then you will be taken to the advanced menu, immediately activate Allow displayed on top of other applications.

3. Select the Floating button mode menu to display the floating button, then on the Custom Gesture menu try to describe the gesture you want to use.

4. If you have opened the Gesture application again, then select SETTINGS and then select Manage Gesture again to set the gesture that you made earlier.

5. Select the Edit menu , then select LAUNCH APP.

6. Next select which application you want to use, if you have tap the Save menu. To open a shortcut for drawing a gesture , all you have to do is tap the floating button , then the screen will darken a little and draw in the area circled by a red line. Then you will automatically be directed to the application according to the gesture settings earlier.


Although it doesn’t take long to access the application menu, some users certainly want fast motion to open other applications that will be used. Well, the above method will certainly help you a little bit who needs speed and uniqueness in opening the application. Good luck!

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