Best scanner apps for Android

Android is slowly making every hard work in our life easy, whatever it may be. With the help of mobile, you can do any work sitting in one place in a few minutes. Whether it is your office work or home work.

Today I will tell you about some such apps which are very perfect apps to scan your document’s.

1. Google Drive

Let us start with Google Drive which can also scan your documents. Many people do not know about this and these features come inbuilt in Google Drive. Although it does not have as many features as you get in other scanners.
But Google Drive is testing it, because many of us already have the Google Drive app available on your Android smartphone.

To find the scanner option in the Drive app, tap the ‘+’ button in the bottom corner. This will also open new options including the ‘scan’ option. Now you have to allow camers to scan with Google Scanner. Many options are also available for documents in the tool, such as you can change the color, you can save the file in PDF etc.

Features of Google Drive

  • You can also share it in PDF/JPEG file.
  • In Google Drive, you get options to share from different types, such as Social Media, E-mail, and you can also download the document.
  • In this, you can edit, customize the document with the help of advance document editing tool.
  • In Drive Scan, the document is directly saved in Drive.

You can download this app for free of cost on Playstore and it is already available in android.

 Play Store App :- D0wnl0ad

Best Android Scanner Apps

All these apps are the Best Scanner Apps of Google Play 2020. And will remain popular in 2020 also. According to me, all these apps can be interesting for you too. If these apps are right then you can download them from Play Store and I have also given them from their link, then you can also download them directly.

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