Best FREE Wifi Calling Apps for Android in 2021

Worried about spending hundreds of dollars each month for calling your friends, family members or colleagues during the COVID-19 lockdown period? There are many free Wifi calling apps for Android that allows you to make free calls without roaming charges or extra fees.

Here’s a list of excellent free wifi calling apps for Android that let you make a direct call to your friend or start a group video conversation. Again, all of them are free!

Let’s dive right in.

1.     Skype

It’s no doubt that Skype is a big player in the world of free Wi-Fi calling apps, especially in business world. It lets you connect with 23 other participants on an HD video call. You won’t have to pay even a penny if you are calling a Skype user. No matter what type of network you are connected to, either 3G/4G or Wi-Fi, it offers impeccable call quality. Apart from voice and video calling, it allows sharing files and sending messages between the devices using Skype. 

There are official Skype apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire Phone. Also it’s available for computer platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux, and even smart TVs, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and other devices.

Main Features:

  • HD video quality
  • Send SMS worldwide
  • Express with giphy and images
  • Skype-to-Skype calls are free
  • Stable & reliable

2.     Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another free wifi calling apps that needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular chat apps. It lets you text and call for free over the internet. With this app, you can message people in your phone book and just enter the name of the contact you want to call and bingo. All calls are free, but you have to pay for Internet data. 

Main Features:

  • Runs on both computers and phones
  • Free for calling any user around the world
  • Video calls for both 1 on 1 and groups
  • Large user base

3.     Google Duo

Google Duo is a cross-platform app which is available across smartphones, tablets, web, and smart devices.  Rated as one of the best free wifi calling apps for Android, Google Duo lets you make both local and international calls with the highest quality guaranteed.  You simply download it, open it, put in your phone number, and you can start making free video calls. The only downside is that the other person will also have to be using Google Duo. 

Main Features:

  • Make calls between Android and iOS
  • Group call with up to 32 people
  • Syncs with your Google contacts
  • Send video and voice messages, photos, and more

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